You gather your girls excitedly. You sip champagne and try desperately not to recreate THAT scene from Bridesmaids! There’s laughter and tears – ooohs and aaaahs. And then the moment.

The moment you find the one!

The one perfect dress, for your one perfect day, when you walk down the aisle, to marry your one perfect partner!

You have dreamt of this day and the dress is the embodiment of all that dreaming!

Everything else is just accessorising – and accessories should never distract the eye.

We like to think of our limousines as the ultimate accessory.

Your dress won’t get lost in a sea of white paint. You deserve to pop! Our sleek black body work will provide the perfect backdrop to your gorgeousness – complimenting, rather than detracting.

Not only will we get you to the aisle on time, providing a smooth and memorable ride, but we will offer photo opportunities on your special day, that will last a lifetime.