About Us

Welcome to Geelong Hummer Limousines, Geelong’s only stretch hummer limousine service. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best limousine hire experience. Hens do’s , buck’s nights, travel from Geelong to Melbourne,  limousine weddings, limousine winery tours, corporate events or any limousine travel – we cater for all events around Geelong and Melbourne. Contact us at Geelong Hummer Limousines. Best prices & outstanding customer service is just the beginning.


Early 2013, Geelong Hummer Limousines was born

It was a late Saturday night where a handful of girlfriends and I had hired a limousine to take us to Melbourne to celebrate a best friends’ birthday. The experience was horrid, the limousine was dirty and it was becoming more and more like the start of a horror movie. The driver was not attentive and was quick to want all of our phone numbers in return for a cheaper service. We spent our night dreading the return trip, but having already paid over $1500 we had no other option. Standing on the streets of Melbourne at three AM, the limousine arrived 45 minutes late, the driver smelt of booze and looked like he had a harder night then us.

It was at that exact moment when I promised a change: a change where women would feel comfortable riding in a limousine while possibly at their most vulnerable. Where they could trust a service that was provided and where nothing would ruin their night. I made a choice that night to start a business from scratch that would be built up purely on word of mouth and customer satisfaction. Where I would work my hardest to ensure people were happy, laughing and remembering a fantastic experience.

It was one of the hardest adventures to get rolling considering I had never driven a limousine before and there were many tests along the way. But with the help of my amazing customers and friends we started working our way up, and word of mouth helped the bookings start rolling in. Customers were bragging to everyone about our service! Easy Weddings voted us 5 stars, our first year in and we were finalists for 3 awards including best new business at Geelong’s Business Excellence Awards. We couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come, and our passion to provide a memorable experience and our dedication has gotten us this far.

Our reputation follows us around and we have become a well-known business name in Geelong, I hope you enjoy our service and limousines as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.